On December 20th 2022, members of Dnipro Choir’s Executive proudly presented Dr. Roman Petryshyn, a Director of the Canada Ukraine Foundation, with a presentation cheque in the amount of $13,300. These funds were offered by the generous donors and audience members of that fundraising concert in October.

From L – R: Roman Konowalec, Choir Treasurer, Dr. Roman Petryshyn, CUF Director, Irena Szmihelsky, Dnipro Artistic Director, Walter Di Tommaso, Choir President. The needs in Ukraine continue to evolve; this donation will assist Ukrainians to rebuild their lives and their society.

Spokonvichni Luny (2012) is a 30-minute composition for choir and chamber orchestra in three large sections. The work uses for its text portions of six poems from Volodymyr Skorupskiy’s Spokonvichni Luny:Legendy i Mity (1977). Each of the six poems reflects on a pagan god from Ukrainian and Slavic mythology. Many customs and rituals, both secular and religious, that Ukrainians celebrate today have roots in pagan mythology and its gods. The six gods that are depicted in Spokonvichni Luny are Svaroh, Marena, Veles, Perun, Stryboh, and Dazhd’boh.

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