Sacred Dnipro

Canadian Ukrainian Opera Association’s live performance.

Conductor  Wolodymyr Kolesnyk, Toronto Symphony Orchestra Players, the Lysenko  Opera Chorus and the Dnipro Choir.

Soloists, Svitlana Sekh,  Eileen O’Dwyer-Turner, Lary Benson, Leonid Skirko.

Song Listing

  1. Salve, magne Pater
  2. Slavs came, and settled on the Dnipro
  3. Dnipro bathes the young princes
  4. The next day Volodymyr went to the Dnipro
  5. Thus on this land made holy by Dnipro
  6. The Horde comes!
  7. Hey! On the Khortytsia Isle the Kozak roads come together
  8. On the bright waters falls a two-headed shadow
  9. The blood of revolution
  10. Somewhere amid the lilypads of starry worlds
  11. Salve, magne Pater